General Features

  • Supports multiple Account Holders ⁄ Bank Accounts
  • Smart, quick, error free Cheque preparation
  • Handy tool for all cheque related information
  • Maintains a complete inventory of cheques
  • User-friendly, flexible, powerful & reliable
  • Improves accuracy and efficiency
  • Works in existing environment of computer and printer
  • Backup & Restoration of Data (including scanned Cheque formats)
  • Auto system for software updates directly through the web connectivity

Installation & Setup

  • Get started with ChequeMan in less than five minutes
  • Simple installation and seamless web-based registration
  • Convenient printer setup for smooth print of cheques

Printing Cheques & Cheque Book Management

  • Interactive Cheque Format Designer
  • Facility to import ready to pre-designed formats
  • Cheque Book Management System
  • Prepare and print up to 50 cheques in one lot
  • Facility to view previously issued cheques at the point of cheque preparation
  • Previously entered Payee Names comes up for auto selection
  • Only the Payee and Amount required – rest taken care by system
  • Auto conversion of number to words
  • Preview of cheques – before actually printing
  • Option for recording remarks against each cheque
  • Auto current date in cheques with option for modification
  • After cheque print command – gets a reconfirmation on printing before data is recorded
  • Option to print on sequential cheque leaves or in any order as desired
  • Post dated cheques can be issued
  • Facility to record manually issued cheques
  • Cancellation of cheques
  • Restoration of cancelled marked cheques for reuse
  • System for printing incomplete cheques (cheques with missing information)

Bulk Cheque Printing

  • Payee batches for routine periodical cheque printing – useful for salary, rent, etc.
  • Generate & print EMI cheques at amazing speed
  • Import data from excel spreadsheet and print cheques

Queries & Reports

  • Reports across Account Holders & Payees
  • Cheque Issue Reports – Detailed / Summary
  • Payee Cheque Issues – Detailed / Summary
  • Cheque Book Reports – Detailed / Summary
  • List of Cancelled Cheques
  • Reports of Bulk Printing – Batch / EMI / Excel Import
  • Incomplete Cheques and its tracking till updated
  • Powerful Query Report – for extraction of filtered / specific information

Security Features

  • Password protection for unauthorized access
  • Double keying of amount before printing of cheques
  • Records details of cheque cancellations
  • Tracking of incomplete cheques

User Preferences

  • Printing Font & Size selection
  • Text & Amount formatting
  • Printing of ‘Not Over …’ in Cheques
Note: Some of the above mentioned features are not available in the Standard Edition. Click here for the version comparison.
  • We write cheques prior to entering in accounts - as such could not print cheques using Tally software. With ChequeMan now we are easily printing cheques.

    Hemant Saraogi
    KIG Kraft, Kolkata

  • Our cashier who has hardly used computers before is now printing cheques with your software and is simply overjoyed with the convenience it provides.

    CA Sunayana Agarwal

  • Once we tried using a software but stopped as setting up new cheque formats was a pain. The feature of web import of cheque formats in ChequeMan is just amazing.

    Mahesh Rungta
    K.P. & Associates, Mumbai

  • After using ChequeMan … I will never like to write cheques again by hand. One has to use to believe how convenient it has become to prepare cheques.

    Harsh Saraf
    Daffodil Group

  • With smart looking printed cheques, our stature has enhanced with our vendors and employees. It is always a pleasure using ChequeMan.

    Vikas Goyal
    TGI Packaging, Chennai

  • Preparing cheques using your software is very simple and easy. Moreover, we really appreciate your helpdesk for prompt assistance.

    Rajnikant Kedia
    Insta Exhibitions (P) Ltd., Mumbai

  • Often we need to prepare cheques with blank name or amount. We were happy to see this facility in ChequeMan and has been using it ever since.

    Mr. Rakesh Shah
    Nipha Exports (P) Ltd., Kolkata

  • ChequeMan is one of the best Cheque Printing we were able to find for our clients. All customer feedback we get have been positive.

    Ankit Dudhwewala