Say bye-bye to hand-written cheques

Issue printed Cheques using ChequeMan

Use ChequeMan to issue professionally computer printed cheques. It is smart, accurate, error-free and most importantly is efficient. It is printed on standard cheque leaves provided by banks using any standard laser or inkjet printer. ChequeMan is easy to install and simple to use. Try it free and print upto 20 cheques.
ChequeMan Editions
1. Standard Edition
2. Professional Edition
3. Multi User Edition

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for error free Cheque Printing
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Benefits of ChequeMan

  • Supports multiple Account Holders & Banks
  • Professionally printed cheques - enhances image
  • Bulk Printing - EMI, Batch, Excel Import
  • Web import of ready to use cheque formats
  • Works in existing environment of computer and printer
  • Printing of incomplete cheques
  • Information on issued cheques at fingertips
  • Managing all cheques from a single point
  • Backup & Restoration of Data (including scanned Cheque formats)
  • Manual cheques, Post-dated cheques