Through this module, one can record information for all manually prepared cheques using the Cheque Books defined in the system. This will boost the maintenance of proper cheque records. Select ‘Manual Cheques’ from the ‘Cheques’ Menu as shown in figure below:

Manual Cheques - Step 1

The following screen will get displayed:

Manual Cheques - Step 2

Select the Account and the Cheque Book ID (this is identified as the starting Cheque No. and the date of receipt of the Cheque Book). A grid containing all the available Cheque leaves for the selected Cheque Book will be displayed in the ascending order of the cheque number. The total number of rows displayed will depend on the specification provided in the Preference option under Utilities. Each row of the grid displays the Cheque No. and other information have to be provided

This grid contains the following columns:

Cheque No. : The Cheque No. is already displayed.

Payee Name : Enter the name of the Payee. In case cheque has been previously issued to a Payee, the name of the payee will appear in the help box as you start typing the Payee Name. For a new payee, you will have to type the entire name.

Note : All Payee Names entered will get updated in Payee Details and can be viewed under menu option Setup – Payee Details.

Cheque Amount : Enter the Cheque amount here. As a security measure one can enter this amount twice to avoid errors, this can be set up through the menu option Utilities – Preferences.

Cheque Date : Enter the date that was entered in the manual cheque issued.

Remarks : This field is optional to record any remarks against the cheque for future reference.

A/c Payee : This is the Account Payee flag. In case you wish to remove this, click on the cell and remove it. It is important to note that whenever a new Payee is created it is assumed that it would be ‘Account Payee’. In case you wish to permanently remove this status for a Payee, it can be done from the menu option Setup – Payee Details

Blank Column : Whenever a new Payee is issued the cheque this column displays ‘New Payee’ for your reference.

Enter information for all the cheques that have been prepared manually using the rows in the grid.

Other Features & Options

List of Previous Cheques

To view all the cheques which have been issued previously from this account, click on this option.


In case for any help in arithmetical calculations, click on the icon calculator-button


The total amount of all the cheques populated in the grid is displayed at the bottom of the grid for reference and verification.
The bottom of the screen has buttons which are explained in details below:

Save : To save the manual cheque(s) information as entered in the grid, click on this option.

Delete : Select the row on the grid where cheque data has been inserted. Click on ‘Delete’ option and the details of the selected cheque will be removed from that row on the grid.

Cancel : After selecting information on the header, the information on the grid is displayed pertaining to the selected Cheque Book. The header information cannot be altered once the grid is displayed. Click on which will again allow you to again select the , Cheque Book, etc. In case of change in the Cheque Book, the system allows to carry forward the data in the grid (if any) to the grid for the new Cheque Book.

Exit : The control is shifted to the main screen of the software.

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